If you are looking for a fun place to spend your vacation, you will not need to look any further than Orlando, Florida. It is a great place to spend vacation time during just about every time of the year, including the winter months when you need a break away from the cold temperatures and need a bit of fun and sun. There is a lot to see and do in the Orlando area for families as well as adults of all ages.

Of course, all of the Disney theme parks are a great draw if you are in the Orlando area. You could spend a couple weeks on vacation and not see everything that the theme parks have to offer. If you have been to the Disney theme parks and you want to try something just a bit different when you are in this beautiful area, you won’t have to look far. There are some great activities to consider such as a visit to the Highlands Hammock State Park, Grand Cypress Academy of Golf, Richard Petty Driving Experience, Orlando Speedway, ZOOm Air Adventures, and Aquatica.

As you can see, there is more to do than just visit Disneyworld. Not that Disneyworld is not great vacation option, but if you are looking for some detours or just some other type of fun to add into your Disney and theme park adventures, there are plenty of options. There are plenty of things to do whether you need something fast paced or if you just want to relax and take a load off. Orlando is a great place to vacation whether you’re just spending a long weekend in the area or if you are going to be spending a couple weeks.